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Irregular Choice Heart Shoes! [08 Jul 2011|03:37pm]

Hi all, your community creator here. See that lovely Irregular Choice heart shoe that is this community's very layout? It's now available for purchase, size 7. These babies are circa 2003-2004.

(click on the pictures for details)

Hope everyone is well. Keep those posts coming!

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[18 Jun 2011|08:32pm]

Three of my IC shoes Ebay auctions are ending in about TWO HOURS and they still have no bids!!
Check 'em out:

Gold Ballet Flats

Purple Butterfly Kitten Heels

Black Kitten Heels with Pink Cats
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[12 Jun 2011|09:13pm]

I am selling three more pairs of Irregular Choice shoes on my Ebay page.

Irregular Choice Pink Marie Antoinette Slingbacks size 39 1/2 European:

Irregular Choice Light Purple Victorian Flats size 38 1/2 European:

Irregular Choice White Mary Jane Kitten Heels size 39 European:

Yesterday I posted about three other Irregular Choice shoes Ebay auctions I have going on. Here they are again, if anyone is interested in looking at the goods:

Irregular Choice Shoes Gold Flats size 39 European:

Irregular Choice Purple Butterfly Kitten Heels Size 40 European:

Irregular Choice Black Kitten Heels Pink Cats size 39 European:

I hope I have a pair amongst these that someone's been looking for.
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[12 Jun 2011|01:03am]

Hello all...
I'm selling three pairs of Irregular Choice shoes on Ebay.

Irregular Choice Gold flats with black ribbons size 39:

Irregular Choice Purple Butterfly Kitten Heels size 40:

Irregular Choice Black Kitten Heels with Pink Cats size 39:

Please take a look!! Thanks :)
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Can anyone help me find these shoes? [06 Jun 2011|02:47pm]



I found this pic while surfing online, and instantly fell in love with them! I must have them!

Buuuuut .... the only thing I know is that they're from an old-ish collection (2-3 years ago, possibly older?) which doesn't exactly makes finding them easy. 

What I humbly ask you is whether anyone has any infos about them (year, collection etc) and tips on where I might find them... of course if you happen to have them for sale I will love you forever 

Thank you! <3

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For Sale [22 May 2011|01:23pm]

For Sale!

Irregular Choice

Irregular Choice

More picturesCollapse )
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Irregular Choice Shoes for Sale :) Sizes 40.5, 41, & 42 [27 Jan 2011|12:28pm]


Hi! I just thought I would offer these here before considering ebay (not really sure it'd be worth it..... I hate selling on ebay)

I have 7 pairs of ICLs for sale (as well as 2 pairs from Transport London which was a brand made by the same person as ICL... it think it's retired now?). I'm selling them in my journal

Thanks for looking! 
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Cheeky charms... Happy Holidays everyone~ [05 Nov 2010|02:03pm]

I was wondering if anyone had these used / new in size 8-8.5 that they want to sell?

I really want to buy them for my best friend, I know they are years old now already, haha...

Appreciate any info, <3
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shoe box [13 Jul 2010|12:03am]


I recently bought some Irregular Choice shoes from ebay but unfortunately they didn't come with a lovely Irregular Choice box. Does anyone know if it's possible/ where I can get just a shoe box from as I really love the Irregular Choice shoe boxes.

Thanks :)
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IC heels 41 for sale [27 Jun 2010|02:14pm]


SIZE 7/7.5 - label states 8

£35 ono
</lj cut>
Great little pair of banana type heels, with stitched harlequin design all over in suede.
Purchased from ebay, as store return, have been worn a couple of times by previous owner but good condition overall.
Reason for sale is sadly they don't fit me :'(
Labelled UK 8, but they are too tight on me - I would recommend a size 7/7.5
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Selling IC shoes UK only please. [27 May 2010|12:39pm]

Selling lots of <br ></lj>Irregular Choice shoes make offers!Collapse )
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Holy Grails!! Size 8/39 [18 May 2010|12:20pm]

I was just browsing through eBay looking for "Secret Sailor" ICL shoes but instead came across a "Buy It Now" for Holy Grails!

They're not even MY Holy Grails personally, but I couldn't help but buy them.

If they don't fit me (slingbacks are a nightmare for me for some reason) I'll let you all know, in case anyone's been looking for these.
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ebay auction! shoe boots [18 May 2010|04:38pm]


irregular choice shoe boots, uk size 4. damaged, so super low price! :D
thanks for looking :)
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Kitten heels [29 Mar 2010|11:23am]

Hi Guys

Looonnnnnggggg time no post. I have developed sacro-iliac joint dysfunction, so my 100 pairs of ICL heels aren't going to work out anymore. I am looking for cute low or kitten heels, size 40 or 41, in good condition. The wackier, the better. I will also buy flats if they are really funky.

Just putting it out there.


T x
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new ebay auctions! hard to get shoes ahoy! [01 Mar 2010|09:10pm]

new ebay auctions! 

riff raff skull ruffle and riff raff spider

£50 on ebay, uk size 4.


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Irregular Choice Blythe Boots [23 Feb 2010|09:57pm]

[ mood | cold ]

 Hello, I am selling these very rare Blythe By Irregular Choice Boots on ebay at the moment.

They end in less than a day! Please click the picture to view more info :)

 Thanks for looking! xo

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Size 6 Heart Wedges & Dimple Toes - New! [01 Dec 2009|04:19pm]
I'm about five years late in finally listing these, but for the size 5-6, old school ICL lovers, 2 lovely pairs for your consideration:

New in box Heart Wedges: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=320456789542&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT

New without box Dimple Toes: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=320456778998&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT

Let me know if you have any questions :) I do hope they go to an ICL lover's home!
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Repost - Price Reduced! [24 Oct 2009|10:53am]

They are a UK 8/41, and Irregular Choice ribbon tabi shoes. These are pretty hard to find now and rarely come up on Ebay. They are beautiful tabi shoes though and with original box - albiet a little scuffed up! More pics under the cut! I would like £25/$40.77 £18.50/$30.35 including postage or a decent offer [I would ask for a tiny bit more if you live out of the UK, but not a hell of a lot]! No Trades - Sorry

More picsCollapse )
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Desperately looking for these shoes! [15 Oct 2009|02:08pm]


Hey girls!
I'm writing from France  and I'm looking for these IC shoes in this color and either size 4 or 5, preferably 4.  If any of you have them and want to sell, or know of someone who does, I would love to buy them.  I'll pay a good price(50 pounds) if they are in good shape.   I wrote to IC and they said that they don't carry them anymore, so I have to ask around.  Here in France, IC shoes are practically unknown so I need help!  Please let me know if anyone knows where I can find them.
Merci beaucoup
Lots of love,
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For Sale - Irregular Choice Pink Ribbon Tabi's! [10 Oct 2009|09:17am]

It's sad to see these go but I need the money and feel they deserve to go to another loving home ;3 I brought these a few years back and only wore them once for a short period of time. I still have the original box. It has some scuffs in places but it's not misshapen or anything like that. No wear to the soles and they look perfect <3 They are a UK 8/41, and Irregular Choice. These are pretty hard to find now and rarely come up on Ebay. They are beautiful tabi shoes though! More pics under the cut and no trades! I'm sorry but I need the money. I would like £25 including postage within the UK - a little more elsewhere or a decent offer!

More picsCollapse )
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